Need a trellis to support your vines?  Maybe you'd prefer an arbor, or an obelisk?  We have several kinds of each!  Looking for a birdbath or fountain?  There's more than a few here!  We have:

  • garden furniture (patio sets, benches, hammocks, etc.)
  • pre-formed ponds and pond liner
  • pumps and other pond supplies
  • plant support items (trellises, stakes, etc.)
  • bird housing and feeding supplies
  • planters (wooden, clay, plastic, etc.)
  • extensive clay pots
  • cement goods (incl. birdbaths and fountains)
  • lawn ornaments
  • rock and stone for ponds, waterfalls and alpine gardens
  • mulch
  • fertilizers for plants and garden
  • insecticides, fungicides, herbicides
  • potting and garden soil
  • watering cans, hoses and wands
  • brackets for hanging plants
  • garden tools
  • gazing globes
  • tabletop fountains
  • decorative pots for houseplants
  • gardening books and guides
  • wind chimes
  • And lots, LOTS more


We have wooden planters, painted planters, plastic planters, cement planters, clay planters, alpine planters...pretty much every kind of planter you could want.  Planters are typically for outdoor use: indoor ones are usually just called pots.  We have a large selection of those as well.

Besides selling a planter by itself, we will plant them up with whatever arrangement the customer wishes, whether for sun or shade, or to a specific plant or color theme...we have often done this in large quantities for weddings.  The price range is very large: it depends on the planter you chose as well as the plants you want put in it.  If you are taking the planter home with you immediately there is no planting fee.


Water Gardening Supplies

Water gardening, like alpine gardening, has grown more and more popular over the years.  Our inventory has expanded with it.  We carry liner for those who wish to dig the shape and size of their own ponds, and we have pre-formed ponds in several shapes and sizes for those who do not.  We have preformed cascades (two kinds of which actually look like rock!) and flagstone for making waterfalls and surrounding the edge of the pond, and small stone for creating waterways.  We have pumps for many different capacities, fountain heads, cement figures to place on fountains, underwater lights, floating candles and decorations, and a full line of water plants (See the page on Water Garden Plants).  Come and see our waterfall in the Perennial's gorgeous!


Rock Garden Supplies

Ever thought of making a rock garden?  Come and see ours!  It was made in the autumn of 1999 and has attracted much interest.  We sell large slabs of flagstone, rockery stone, chicken rock and green mica stone.   The green mica are specimen pieces...each rock weighs about fifty pounds.  And, of course, we have lots of perennial alpine plants to put in your rock garden, many of which are new.

Interested in alpine gardening but don't want to try something big?  Please see our section on Do-It-Yourself Alpine Planters, which you can make right at the greenhouse and take home right away!

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