Above: dozens of different kinds of beautiful and unusual annuals, and a small sampling of the dozens of different kinds of pansies offered in our nursery.

   Come in and look around, you won't believe your eyes!  Even though it is still early in the season, many of our annuals are already starting to bloom - they just can't wait any longer.  All the pictures on this page were taken this season of plants growing in our our greenhouses - and these are only a few of the huge selection of annuals available to you here at Hubert's Nursery!  There are over 600 different varieties of annuals to choose from - something to suit everyone and any situation.  If you need help deciding what would be best for you, our knowledgeable staff will be only too glad to help out.

   We also sell many different kinds of hanging baskets, hanging bags, and planters.  Planters can be made to the customers' specifications and cover all price ranges.  We carry plenty of different pots/planters to put annuals in...see our section on planters for more information.

  Above, from left to right: osteospermum & angelonia make a striking combination, dozens of different geraniums make for a colorful display, dahliettas show off their perfect blooms 


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